The true Luxury? Artistic Craftsmanship

The true Luxury? Artistic Craftsmanship

Leonardo Bianchi
Leonardo Bianchi

In my very personal idea of artistic craftsmanship, this cannot ignore a partnership with the world of high fashion. Indeed, I am firmly convinced that this is the future.

The brilliant ideas of the best stylists can marry perfectly with the skillful dexterity of the artisans capable to create beauty and quality.

Something that is superior once introduced to the market. Something different.

"Haute couture is a spearhead in terms of creation, a fantastic research laboratory, both in terms of craftsmanship and design innovation" Toledano

An object that comes out of the workshop of a master craftsman is not like all the others. For aesthetic beauty, for longevity, resistance, for the history behind it.

We cannot put everything on the same level. Not for a purely elitist conception of art, but for a meritocratic recognition that justifies the skills, study, preparation, know-how of those who have years of experience behind them that can offer the best.

So, referring back to the promise made at the beginning, it would not be wrong at all to imagine more and more collaborations with high fashion.

For that fashion that sees its roots in the artisan world, which possibly was born in a small atelier or in a small, poor shop and then exploded and advanced with great strides to become a real multinational. I’m not saying we have to follow their steps. We aren’t supposed to bill like them. Maintaining our originality and without distorting ourselves, it’s legitimate to dare, to dream.

Stefano Gabbana e Leonardo Bianchi

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