Monica Monti

Born in Umbria, raised on the outskirts of Rome in a family with a passion for goldsmithing, photography and tailoring, but also for tradition and popular culture.

I always carry with me the scents, the colors of my land and in my heart the laughter in the squares, the walks in the dirt roads or on the cobblestones of the historic cities.

I love to learn, listen, reinvent myself, and dream but above all make my dreams come true or at least try, without ever giving up.

Who I am

I grew up in Gallese, a medieval town of about 3000 people on the outskirts of Rome. For school and then work I lived in Pisa, Arezzo, Lecce, Turin, Milan.

Now I live in the Lehigh Valley PA in the USA located between New York and Philadelphia.

I love to observe, learn, listen and empathize with the people I meet along my path.

I firmly believe in the willpower that together with kindness and a positive predisposition towards the world, we can make the impossible possible.

How I work

I select only Italian excellence and working with the best international designers I make wishes come true.